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How to choose spindle balancing machine for machine tool industry?

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How to choose spindle balancing machine for machine tool industry?

Developed machine tool industry

Machine tool is the carrier of advanced manufacturing technology and the basic production means of equipment industry, is also the basic equipment of equipment manufacturing industry, mainly services for automobile, military, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, electric power equipment, railway locomotive, ship and other industries. China has become a machine tool consumer and machine tool importer for several consecutive years, and is the world's third largest machine tool producer.

The importance of machine tool spindle

The spindle is the shaft that receives power from the engine or motor and transmits it to other parts. That is to say, if there is no spindle, then the whole machine tool can not run well, therefore, the key of the spindle can be imagined.

Balancing machine selection

Spindle balancing machine, as an instrument for measuring rotor unbalance, can reduce the vibration of spindle and electric spindle, improve spindle performance and improve spindle product quality.

For machine tool spindle and other electric spindle, due to their large volume and weight, so the requirements for the balancing machine is much higher. The spindle special balancing machine PHQ-160Z produced by Shanghai Jianping can balance spindles of weight up to 160 kg. The machine adopts belt drive to ensure the balancing quality and accuracy of the spindle, and has the characteristics of easy loading and unloading, fast startup and high working efficiency.

Of course, Shanghai Jianping also produces dynamic balancing machines for other industries and types, as long as you have the needs of dynamic balancing, Jianping will do its best to provide you with perfect service.

Shanghai Jianping fervently hope that every customer can buy a satisfactory balancing machine suitable for their own products!


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