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JP EV Motor Special Automatic Balancing Machines

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JP EV Motor Special Automatic Balancing Machines

Under the rapid growth of electric vehicles, the demand for driving motors is increasing,Market predict that there will be closed to 82 million unit needed for global markets until 2030.the dynamic balancer as one of the essential inspection equipment, it is worthy you invest as early as possible 

1. Below show our EV motor balancer Highlight

  (1) Wide compatibility 

  (2) short cycle time

  (3) fast changeover 

  (4)high balancing accuracy 

  (5) high work efficiency to achieve Mass productions 

  (6) Intelligent--robot /conveyor loading and unloading 

  (7) Data exchange and uploading are also feasible

  (8)Based Customer request to do customizations 


2:Correction model  (according to Rotor type to confirm) 

 A:radial drilling correction

 B:axial drilling correction

 C:radial milling correction

 D:Side milling correction

 E:Adding weight 

3:Function and Optional functions 

 Dynamic balance 




 Chips Suctions 




Remote monitor

4:JP the Corresponding solutions 

A. Manual belt drive balancer ---find the unbalance amount and angle  

B. Semi-Automatic balancer-----test, manual correction. retest 

C:Automatic balancer (single-station/two-stion,four-station)  

Automatic load,Automatic test, Automatic correction,Automatic rest automatic unloading 

Note: we could offer the technical proposal for your reference,we also could through teams meeting to share 3D with you ....

5:the referenced on-site /standard machine video for your better understanding   

1:single-station :


3:Four-station :

6:typical cooperators cooperators

A:BYD--  100 sets  EV motor automatic balancers 

B:BorgWarner- 20 sets EV motor automatic balancer 

C:Nidec---two sets automatic balancers  

D:SCHAEFFLER--two sets automatic balancers  

E:e-Drive--two sets automatic balancers 


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