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Automatic Balancing Machine for Pulley

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Automatic Balancing Machine for Pulley

Automobile pulley is one of the important parts on the automobile engine, the normal operation of the automobile is inseparable from the role and support of the pulley. Although the structure of the pulley is relatively simple, it is a very important part of the automobile engine system. A good pulley can slow down the wear of the belt, reduce the jitter problem of the belt, and the life will be relatively high.

How to ensure the stability of the pulley?

Shanghai Jianping automotive pulley automatic balancing machine, is a good helper of dynamic balancing of the pulley. Simple operation, advanced technology and amazing precision can make the automotive pulley more stable and durable.

Machine brief introduction

From the beginning of research and development to the market, Shanghai Jianping has made great efforts for the automotive pulley industry.

In order to better improve the balancing efficiency of the pulley and increase the output and quality of customer’s products, Jianping adopts advanced technology to achieve the transformation of the pulley balancing from manual to fully automatic. The pulley from the unbalance measurement, angle positioning, drilling & removing weight to retest are all done automatically, saving labor costs and time costs, more suitable for mass production.

Machine features

A1LZ2 single-plane vertical automatic balancing machine adopts mechatronics design, combining electric control cabinet and machine body into one, simple structure, effectively reducing the equipment footprint. The bed base adopts grey cast iron casting structure, which can effectively reduce the interference caused to the balancing machine when the drilling part is working.

The main electrical components are from stable and reliable companies.

The main mechanical structure is made of professional products, stable, reliable and durable.

Machine operation training is easy for workers to learn and undertake work.

Mechanical structure design is reasonable, easy to maintain, low cost.

The equipment can be perfectly integrated into the conveyor, saving human resources.

High mechanical efficiency will greatly improve production efficiency.

Automatic measurement, automatic drilling, automatic retest.

Easy to replace drill and fixture.

The robot arm can be added to transport the workpiece automatically.

Can be connected to the onsite MES system.

Can add scan code traceability function.

The auto parts industry is huge, but it is not easy to make each product reach high quality, Jianping hopes to use its own technology to help more customers to improve product quality and better serve everyone.


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