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All kinds of balancing machines produced by Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., 

Ltd. have mature technology, and the products have undergone strict testing and inspection, and the products 

are qualified to leave the factory.

Abide by quality regulations, implement quality responsibility, abide by contracts, and keep promises. The product

 implements "Three Guarantees" (repair, replacement and return).


For our company's customers, including customers who already own our products (regardless of within or without 

the three-guarantee period (12 months)), our company can provide technical consulting services and services such 

as debugging, maintenance, modification, and performance appraisal. We have set up a after-sales service hotline: 

+8613817256095, to serve you wholeheartedly. 

Our company serves users in a timely manner, after receiving a repair request from users, we will dispatch 

maintenance service personnel in place to repair the machine to the normal state, 24 hours in the city and 72 hours 

in other provinces and cities (excluding non-working days), if the service is unsatisfactory, the maintenance service 

personnel shall not leave the site without the user's permit.

We supplies spare parts for various products, and can handle mailing, packing and consignment services for users.


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