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Crankshaft Flywheel Automatic Balancing Machine Discount

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Crankshaft Flywheel Automatic Balancing Machine

Why do automobile crankshaft and flywheel require dynamic balancing?

Automobile flywheel needs to maintain good balancing performance in order to have longer life and better quality, the flywheel of the engine should be balanced together with the crankshaft, otherwise the centrifugal force generated by the mass unbalance during rotation will cause engine vibration and accelerate the wear of the main bearing.

Don't worry, Jianping has developed a crankshaft flywheel assembly automatic balancing machine

Scope of application

Applied to the unbalance correction of rotating workpieces such as crankshaft flywheel assembly.

Machine features:

Modular design, with good expansibility, function can be extended according to customer needs, such as automatic marking, automatic & manual code scanning, automatic loading and unloading, multi-station design, assembly line integration and so on.

Strong compatibility

Wide range of applications

Quick changeover


Short cycle time

Compliant with ISO and CE safety standards

Provide GRR report

Machine is reliable and stable

Jianping balancing machine, escort for your product.

To choose balancing machine, Jianping is your first choice.


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