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Lecture of A1LZ1-35 Vertical Drilling Automatic Balancer

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Lecture of A1LZ1-35 Vertical Drilling Automatic Balancer

This machine is mainly suitable for casting pulley, spinning pulley, crankshaft flywheel, clutch flywheel, pressure plate, taper sleeve pulley, planetary carries and so on.

As a beginner, how can we use this machine?

About the mechanical part

Power on

1.Turn on the main power supply, the machine will alarm after it is turned on, the alarm is for retest, long press the stop button 5S the machine will stop, if the alarm continues, it indicates that the machine has a problem, for example if there is a problem with air supply, the software will display the corresponding alarm code at this time to prompt us where there is a problem.

2.The alarm light is placed horizontally, and it needs to be placed upright when using the machine for the first time.

3.The machine is equipped with a spare socket to facilitate the future remote assistance, the pressure gauge Mpa is configured, the machine has a remote network cable interface.

4.The temperature range supported by the machine is -10 to 45℃. Machine comes with standard cooling fan, industrial air conditioner is optional. 

5.The machine is equipped with safety door, automatic lifting, the safety light curtain  can also be selected to ensure safety.

6.The installation of four surfaces requires separate wiring, 1-1.5 meters deep.

7.The use of the machine needs to lay the foundation, (if the site is rented, you can pad the iron plate), the foundation should be solid and stable, and it needs to be grounded separately (1-1.5 meters deep, anti-interference) three-phase electricity, the current is 30A. It is recommended that customers use 4-6㎡ cables, and  P(power) =U (voltage) *A (current), the higher the voltage, the smaller the current.

About the electronic measuring system

1.For the measuring unit, we have 5kg and 35kg. According to the engineer's suggestion, our 35kg machine is recommended first, because the spindle is more stable and the service life is longer

2.Adjustable floating offset structure can offset the drilling force when removing weight and drilling, using floating jacking, when the workpiece outer circle has a large tolerance, the head can still capture the workpiece outer circle, and through the internal self-locking mechanism to achieve the offset to drilling force.

3.For power head, we have 40mm and 50mm diameter, the general standard 50mm diameter power head has faster drilling speed, though the cost is not much difference.

4.The vacuum cleaner nozzle has been upgraded, and the current configuration is more inclusive.

5.The machine can be equipped with bearing pedestals to meet the different levels of customer products

6.Optional iron chip suction

7.The fixture uses spring type and rotary cylinder

8.The machine can be set to the customer's local time before leaving the factory, or the customer can set it by himself

Internal structure of electronic measurement system

Electrical (Strong current): Three servo drivers (measuring axis driver, Z-axis drive and Y-axis drive), power box (to power the acquisition board)

Phase sequence protection: Schneider air switch, fuse, AC contactor, relay, electronic transformer (convert 380V to 220V)

Electronic (weak current): acquisition board, communication module, CPU, PLC, tool zero board, PNP zero board


KA relay

KM AC contactor

QF Air switch

FR Thermal relay

FU Fuse

U High voltage

V Low voltage

Machine structure

B axis (measuring axis) 1.5kw

Z-axis: drill downwards, drilling depth 0.75kw

Y-axis: move forwards and backwards, drilling radius 0.75kw

Power head: inverter motor 1.5kw

4 motors: machine total power 4.5kw*1.2 = 6KVA

Machine loading & unloading method

1.Manual loading & unloading

2.Robot arm, truss or joint robot arm

Applied workpieces

Product diameter 400mm

Product weight 35kg(fixture included)

Balancing speed 2200rpm

 Through this lecture, I believe you have a deeper understanding of our vertical drilling automatic balancing machine, if you also have similar balancing machine project, welcome to consult us.


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