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Automatic Balancing Machine for Fluid Torque Converter

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Automatic Balancing Machine for Fluid Torque Converter---Why should the fluid torque converter be balanced?

The fluid torque converter involves a variety of processes such as precision stamping, high temperature brazing, precision casting, high precision balancing, online automatic detection, etc., and integrates the technologies of casting, stamping, welding, assembly and automatic detection. The dynamic balancing is a crucial process in the production and manufacturing process of the fluid torque converter, which directly determines the working performance, service life and quality of the transmission. As the end of the entire production process, the unbalance measurement and correction of the balance accuracy and performance directly affect the final quality assessment of the product, the overall production efficiency and the cost control of the enterprise.

The difficulty of fluid torque converter balancing

+ Many parts have to be balanced, not only need to balance the individual parts, but also to balance the assembly, each component structure is different resulting in the design of the balancing equipment needs to be more flexible, more widely applicable;

+ The balancing of the fluid torque converter, not only need to do static balancing of the components, but also the balancing under different operating modes, such as the balancing under differential and reversing conditions. The balancing requirements in each car brand are not only diverse, but also tend to be more complex and more precise.

Jianping fluid torque converter automatic balancing machine advantages

+ Suitable for semi-automatic or fully automatic single-plane balancing of vertical rotor with bearing and unbalance measurement and correction of fluid torque converter;

+ A self-contained balancing unit, a high-precision fixture and a welding system with a cutting and forming device are adopted;

+ Multiple stations and integrated production lines can be equipped for mass production according to customer requirements;

+ Measurement, calculation and correction control of unbalance based on micro-processed measuring units.

+ Semi-automatic manual loading or full automatic operation of the production line can be realized

+ Can integrate with the production line for mass production

+ Automatic unbalance correction, correct by welding.

If you have questions about the balancing of the fluid torque converter, or would like to discuss it further with our technicians, please feel free to contact us.


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