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Automatic Dynamic Balancing Machine for Flange

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Automatic Dynamic Balancing Machine for Flange 

With the rapid development of the automobile manufacturing industry and the transportation industry, the requirements for the performance indicators of products are becoming higher and higher, especially the balancing of the rotating parts of the automobile is attracting more and more attention from the domestic supporting manufacturers. Full automation has gradually penetrated into our daily life, and the core components of the full automation device need to be tested by the dynamic balancing machine; Where there is rotation, there is balancing, when there is center mass deviation of the auto parts flange, high-speed rotation will cause vibration and noise, resulting in failure and accidents; To provide an unbalance comprehensive solution is what Jianping has been doing.

We offer 3 fully automatic balancing machines for flanges

Flange vertical axial drilling automatic balancing machine

Flange vertical radial drilling automatic balancing machine

Flange vertical milling automatic balancing machine

Product characteristics

1.10-15 inch touch screen

2. Advanced balance measurement software technology

3. Automatic measurement, automatic drilling correction, automatic retest

4. Reasonable structure design, high efficiency

5. The workpiece can be corrected more than twice

6. Manual loading and unloading

Scope of application

Flange automatic balancing machine is a kind of unbalance test and correction equipment for automobile flanges. It adopts Shanghai JP balancing machine technology, the workpiece from the unbalance measurement, angle positioning, correction to retest are all done automatically, can greatly improve the production efficiency and quality, reduce manual operation error, with features of automation, high precision and high efficiency.

The flange automatic balancing machine can quickly and accurately measure and correct the unbalance of the automobile flange to improve the automobile power performance and driving stability.

As a leading enterprise in the domestic dynamic balancing industry, Shanghai Jianping actively builds and extends the industrial chain structure, continues to increase the development of new products, and actively develops and expands in the field of auto parts, new energy industry and aerospace and other high-speed dynamic balancing and intelligent manufacturing, providing customers with reliable and diversified product choices.

JP, dynamic balancing expert by your side.


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