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Automatic Balancing Machine Dedicated for Treadmill Motor

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Automatic Balancing Machine Dedicated for Treadmill Motor

Treadmill is a common fitness equipment for families and gyms, and it is also a simple kind of family exercise equipment. The motor, that is, the motor we often say, is the core component of the treadmill, and it can be said that it is the heart of the treadmill. The quality of the motor directly determines the quality of the treadmill, and whether it can run smoothly is also related to the motor.

In other words, a good motor is necessary for having a good treadmill, in order to bring a good experience to the user. So what kind of motor is a good motor? First of all, there must be a good balance accuracy, if there is no good balance accuracy, it will cause the treadmill to produce vibration and noise, can not bring a good experience to the user, and even directly shorten the service life of the treadmill.

Therefore, the dynamic balancing machine is needed to help the treadmill to detect and correct the unbalanced parts, and reduce the unbalanced vibration and noise generated by the treadmill during rotating work to the allowable range. At the same time, it can improve the user's experience, extend the service life of the treadmill, and improve the quality of the treadmill.. From this, we can know the importance of dynamic balancing machine.

Here, we recommend Shanghai Jianping treadmill manual balancing machine, and what are the advantages of this dynamic balancing machine?

1.Professional design, strong professionalism

2.Customized installation structure, flexible loading and unloading, simple operation

3.Quick stop function to improve work efficiency

4.High sensitivity sensing system, accurate and fast measurement data

5.Equipped with pneumatic drilling function, easy correction, weight addition and removal can be switched at will, easy to use

6.One hour training can operate, easy operation, high efficiency

Don't worry, except the manual balancing machine, let’s take a look at our treadmill motor automatic balancing machine

It is applied to the dynamic unbalance test and correction of the whole teademill motor, suitable for mass production of treadmill motor balancing.

Product characteristics

1.Eliminate vibration caused by bearing and other parts and assembly errors.

2.Hard-bearing brackets system, expand the measuring range, reduce the failure rate.

3.The fixture can be applied to the overall dynamic balancing due to the use of fast collet fastening.

4.Fast detection and calculation system, with precision automatic weight removal mechanism, can quickly complete the product detection and weight removal.

Summary: Professional, simple and flexible operation, one hour training can operate, quick stop function, accurate and fast measurement data, equipped with correction function; Help treadmill manufacturers to better improve the quality of treadmill, improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, so that your treadmill has a greater impact in the industry. Shanghai Jianping treadmill motor balancing machine is the best choice for treadmill manufacturers.


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