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Automotive Brake Drum Automatic Balancing Machine

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Automotive brake drum automatic balancing machine, vertical automatic milling and weight removal!

Brake wheel hub, also known as brake drum, is a cast iron shaped like a tambourine, which is fixed with the tire and rotates at the same speed. During operation, vibration will be generated, so the brake drum also needs to be dynamically balanced. For automotive brake drum workpiece, Jianping specially developed the corresponding brake drum automatic milling & weight removal balancing machine; Let's take a look at the brake drum automatic balancing machine.

Brake drum automatic balancing machine mainly has the following configurations:

1) Manual loading and unloading (standard);

2) Automatic lifting safety door;

3) 15-inch suspension touch screen;

4) Advanced balancing measurement software technology; Automatic measurement, automatic milling and correction, automatic retest

5) Brake drum automatic balancing & weight removal system;

6)Machine functions can be customized according to customer needs (such as automatic loading and unloading)

The machine is used for automatic unbalance correction of disc-shaped workpieces such as brake disc and brake drum. The workpiece from unbalance measurement, angle positioning, milling weight removal to retest are all done automatically.

With the features of fast speed and high precision, it is suitable for mass production of workpieces.

Modular design is adopted, with good expansibility, functions can be extended according to customer needs, such as automatic marking, automatic/manual code scanning, automatic loading and unloading, multi-station design, integrating with assembly line and so on.

In layman's terms, the brake drum is like a metal drum or a small barrel on the wheel hub, and the bottom of the barrel is rubbed against the wheel hub of the car when braking to stop the car. After the brake drum is corrected by the dynamic balancing machine, it can improve its quality and make the car run more smoothly in the process of driving.

As a leading enterprise in the domestic dynamic balancing industry, Shanghai Jianping actively builds and extends the industrial chain structure, continues to increase the development of new products, and actively develops the new energy industry, aerospace and other high-speed dynamic balancing and intelligent manufacturing fields, providing customers with reliable and diversified product choices. Welcome to contact us!

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