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Double Station Crankshaft Automatic Balancing Machine

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Double Station Crankshaft Automatic Balancing Machine

Due to the needs of industrial production development, China's dynamic balancing experimental machine manufacturers began to gradually research and upgrade the dynamic balancing machine long ago, Shanghai Jianping also carried out the research and development of the crankshaft automatic balancing machine, and made the single station crankshaft automatic balancing machine and double station crankshaft automatic balancing machine, marking the first step of Shanghai Jianping's research on dynamic balancing automation technology in the field of crankshaft.

According to the different requirements of users for precision and cycle time in mass production, we design the balancing machine into single-station and double-station models. The double-station model enables the production cycle time to be within 120 seconds. The equipment uses the displacement measurement principle, so there is no need for complex foundations. Even the vibration caused by the passing forklift or the machine installed next to it does not have any effect on the measurement results. Thanks to the high level of software, the measured unbalance is optimally allocated to the proper correction plane and angle.

This type of two station crankshaft balancing machine is usually loaded by a loading robot arm, with modular construction and adjustable length to meet production conditions. This model is used for single or multiple multi-plane unbalance correction of the crankshaft.

Product features

Easy to operate and fast changeover

Separate measuring and calibration stations (double station model) or combined measuring and correction stations (single station model)

Maintenance free and zero loss vibration sensor

Extremely accurate drilling depth

Tool break and wear monitoring


Chip removal unit with chip suction cover

High quality drilling spindle

Built-in statistical software

Fully automatic self-learning ability

Product application

Crankshaft dynamic unbalance from small passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks in symmetrical or asymmetrical designs

Automatic loading and unloading by robot arm or robot

Imperceptibly, Shanghai Jianping has gone through 20 years. From the beginning of manual balancing to now fully automatic balancing, from the beginning of a few categories expanded to a full category, covering motors, fans, home appliances, auto parts, aerospace and other areas, our customers have also risen from the minority to BYD, Volkswagen, SAIC, ABB and other international well-known enterprises. Shanghai Jianping, remains true to its original aspiration and keep its mission firmly in mind, makes China's best dynamic balancing machine. Welcome to contact us!

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