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Automotive Cooling Fan Balancing Machine, a Good Helper to Your Journey

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Automotive cooling fan balancing machine, a good helper to your journey

Before the automotive air conditioning cooling fan leaves the factory, a fan balancing machine will be used to do unbalance correction for it. Speaking of the balancing machine, I believe that many auto parts manufacturers should be more familiar, the dynamic unbalance check of many rotating workpieces is carried out by the balancing machine, while the automotive air conditioning cooling fan balancing machine is the equipment which can do the dynamic unbalance test for the car cooling fan. 

So what are the functions of the automotive cooling fan balancing machine? Why do car cooling fans need dynamic unbalance correction? The automotive cooling fan balancing machine developed by Shanghai Jianping can detect the dyanmic unbalance of the automotive cooling fan, and can consider the dynamic unbalance detection of the single-plane cooling fan according to customer satisfaction. The quality of the cooling fan after dynamic unbalance detection can be effectively improved. The automobile fan balancing machine includes an unbalance measuring table, a machine, a balance clip box. The unbalance test results are displayed in gmm; The unbalance shown on the machine is the unbalance concentrated on the weight addition surface.

The operation steps of the machine are:

Manually place the cooling fan on the measuring table of the balancing machine → press the two-hand start button → Safety door closes → Perform the fan unbalance test → After the unbalance test, the fan stops rotating and the safety door opens. If the unbalance of the workpiece is unqualified, manually correct the unbalance according to the unbalance value and angle displayed on the screen, and then measure again → If the workpiece is qualified, continue the performance test (you can choose to turn on and off) → Manually remove the fan from the measuring table of the balancing machine → Repeat the above action for the next fan dynamic balancing.

By using its strong software development ability and mechanical structure design ability, Shanghai Jianping R&D team has solved the precision speed sensor design, precise positioning, mathematical model establishment, automatic tool setting and tool feeding, dynamic density compensation and other problems. It has a full set of system intellectual property rights and can modify, optimize and improve the corresponding solutions to the balancing machine at any time. 

In order to celebrate the establishment of Jianping (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. and the 20th anniversary of Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., if you order the equipment, we will give you a 10% discount +free spare parts + engineer onsite service, and the validity is until 2024/07/31.

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