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Training and seminar

Welcome to Shanghai Jianping for training or study

Since the establishment of Shanghai Jianping, the training and seminar activities of balancing machine have not only won the recognition of customers, but also won their praise and affirmation. Our training courses provide different levels of training courses and seminars for different industries and different balancing needs, so that customers can use our equipment more effectively, and improve the efficiency and life of the machine.

We will continue to hold "Dynamic Balancing Machine Knowledge Lectures". Thank you for your long-term strong support to our company. For your company to better use dynamic balancing equipment, learn more about dynamic balancing, and improve product quality and production efficiency, you are welcome to sign up.

Balancing machine training course content: dynamic balancing principle, balancing machine principle, determination of balancing quality and unbalance, how to choose balancing machine, balancing machine accuracy test method, balancing of typical rotors, troubleshooting, balancing machine electronic measurement system explanation, dynamic balancing machine on-site operation learning and explanation, etc.

Training objects: Dynamic balancing equipment operators, managers, technicians

Training location: No. 2151, Panchuan Road, Baoshan Industrial Park, Shangha

Training time: The next training time is to be determined

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